Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry

Imagine wearing your wedding, engagement and eternity rings together on your finger for nearly 40 years, the latter too worn to be restored?
Mary was understandably emotional after having her beloved rings cut off to be sized.
Knowing this, I wanted very much to keep Marys wedding ring as intact and original as possible as the pretty engraving and original hallmark were still looking fresh.

During the few weeks to enable her finger to return to normal, I set about the challenge of how to size the rings up. Restoration of her three stone twist engagement ring was sadly not an option, being too worn to be successfully repaired.
I thought then, that as the little diamonds in it were the same size as the ones in her eternity ring, I could combine these with the suggestion of a ruby somehow to celebrate her ruby wedding anniversary.

After a design consultation to discuss all options, Mary loved the design with an oval shaped ruby and trusted me to source her a gem.
Picking a gorgeous 0.42ct beauty, the gold from her eternity and engagement rings were combined to bezel set it and her diamonds grain set along fresh new shoulder bars of 18ct white gold, (echoing her beloved bridal rings.) Mary’s wedding ring was expanded up over 6 finger sizes, creating a fresh new ring to be cherished for many more years to come.

What an absolute honour and pleasure to be involved in such a special transformation.

Happy Anniversary!

Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry
Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry
"After 39 years I needed my wedding and engagement rings cut off. Sally provided a great service and was very sympathetic to the situation. After some collaboration on what to do with the rings, we decided to have both rings re-designed in to one very special bespoke piece to also include a Ruby for our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Having gone through the design process it is something I would most definitely do again"Mary

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